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About Wreckmaster

WreckMaster was created to satisfy the Towing Industry’s desire to be recognized as a skilled trade. In order to accomplish this, an independent third party was required. WreckMaster constructed an educational system to work in the interest of the Public and Vehicle Incident Management. At the same time, WreckMaster had to be in tune with the issues facing the operators of today. Over the last 25 years WreckMaster has built a solid reputation as the towing industry’s seal of excellence. Since 1991 over 40,000 towing operators have chosen WreckMaster as their source for education with in the towing industry.

Traffic Incident Management (TIM)

Since our first class in 1991 WreckMaster has been teaching our students about SCENE management and communication with multi agencies. If you want to learn more about TIM training please attend one of our classes and give us an opportunity to share our book of knowledge with you.

Quick Highway Clearance

WreckMaster’s focus has always been geared towards quick highway clearance. We pioneered the concept of single lane parallel uprighting of passenger vehicles to transport trucks. Our mandate is to provide our students with the tools to open the roadway in the fastest, safest and more efficient way possible. Regardless of the truck you operate, each training course in the WreckMaster discipline includes light, medium and heavy duty training.

Team WreckMaster:

WreckMaster Inc. has trained over 40,000 individuals, the largest training organization in the world. Today WreckMaster leads the way in the eyes of career professionals, with the newest methods of quick clearance and single lane recoveries.

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WreckMaster graduates will carry a photo ID card that indicates their skill level.

Level 2/3 Level 2/3

Students will learn Recovery, Resistance, Towing Cars/Trucks, Up-righting and Upsets, with or without wheels. They will discover just how much effort it takes to move a car, how to incorporate predictability and efficiency.

Level 4/5 Level 4/5

Now that you know the basics and have had some actual experience, operators will now gain the information required to successfully move vehicles from soft surfaces such as muddy ditches and embankments with grades.

Level 6/7 Level 6/7

The career operator moves on to the next platform where the moving or up-righting of exotic, unusual, or loaded recoveries including end rolls are learned both in theory and in hands on training.

Level 8/9 Level 8/9

The long awaited Level 8/9 course is finally here! The pinnacle of WreckMaster training will provide its students with the next level of education for heavy incident managers and those looking to be the best operators they can be.

Level A/C Level A/C

This course explains the dynamics of using the assistance of air cushions to upright a loaded unit. You will learn how much force an air bag or air cushion can create, including high pressure and low pressure bags.

This week-long training seminar will expose you to the latest techniques that WreckMaster has to offer. You and your team can learn how to recover any upset rig using only one lane. If you love recovery, this will be one of the greatest weeks you’ve ever had in your life!

WreckMaster’s rotator training course is open to all operators. This course will provide you with the tools to enhance your understanding of rotators by showing you the proper procedures for setting up the rotator platform, calculating lift capacity and determining forces applied to your rigging.