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Julian Smoot


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WreckMaster builds confidence through certification. We give tow operators the confidence to be leaders. We give tow owners the confidence to run successful businesses. And we give tow customers the confidence to hire the right person.


Back in the early 1980s, two brothers were working for their dad’s heavy duty recovery company. Ken was a real go-getter. Donnie, wise beyond his years, was a problem solver and philosopher. Together, they would fearlessly tackle any wreck. Then, back at the shop, they’d discuss their performance on scene. How could they have done it faster? Safer? With fewer guys?

It wasn’t long before these debates turned into weekend training clinics for their own operators, with the competition peeking into the yard from behind the fence—some using binoculars. One day, a brave soul from a rival company called out. “Hey, can I play, too?” Ken didn’t hesitate. “Sure,” he replied. “C’mon in.”

That’s the moment when WreckMaster was born—not when Ken came up with the name, or when the incorporation papers were signed, or when Donnie taught his first class. WreckMaster, from its earliest days, has been about building towing into a highly skilled, safety-minded, properly compensated and collegial profession deserving of the respect of first responders, government agencies, private businesses and the general public.

At WreckMaster there are no fences. Any tow operator can come play. Because every tow operator deserves to be safe out there.

How we can help you

T-bones are for BBQs

With WreckMaster, you’ll learn the traffic incident management and quick clearance techniques expected by the most demanding agencies—because our goal is to make you look good. We have pioneered techniques—including the single-lane parallel upright—that prevent injury and damage to equipment, minimize liability and maximize speed. We constantly update our curriculum to teach the latest methods. 

Partner for success

Owners of towing companies have been asking us to offer a business course for years. We decided to go a step further and develop an entire business support program. Find and train quality recruits. Get preferred consideration for insurance. Increase your bottom line. Enhance your company’s reputation. Maintain a stellar safety record. And become the go-to towing company in your area. Become a WreckMaster partner.

Put us on your team

We can do the heavy lifting to develop custom tow training for any industry or agency, from mines to airports, police to port authorities. Whether you're a tow association looking for something new for your next event, an insurance company that wants to understand how certification can impact claims, or a motor club that values superior member service, you'll want to connect with WreckMaster.

Our 6 Pillars

Anyone who’s taken a WreckMaster course knows that everything we do, from the curriculum we develop to the instructors we choose, comes from our desire to support the towing community. We decided to write these values down—and our six pillars were born.

  • Professionalism

    is what we represent.

  • Confidence

    is what we build.

  • Knowledge

    is what we deliver.

  • Safety

    is what we achieve.

  • Integrity

    is who we are.

  • Community

    is our strength.

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