Level 2/3: Fundamentals


Our Level 2/3 Fundamentals course teaches you the skills to work faster, safer and smarter.

We focus on light-duty vehicles, with some techniques for medium and heavy duty work. This two-day foundational program is a pre-requisite for all other WreckMaster certifications.

Level 2 Towing teaches you how to safely get the most out of your equipment and keep your customers happy. Level 3 Recovery shows you how to recover a casualty the right way the first time, every time.
Even the most experienced Level 2/3 grads tell us, “I didn’t know how much I didn’t know.


“Best thing I have ever done to improve my skills and my career.”

– Aidan Coles, 20-year towing veteran and author of Life in the Fast Lane


Business owners, company managers, trainers, health and safety reps and career-oriented operators are all a perfect fit for the Level 2/3 Foundations course.

Newer operators get a big jump on the learning curve. More seasoned operators receive validation for what they’re already doing correctly and can explore more complex scenarios.
All graduates return to work ready to share what they’ve learned with their team.
This course isn’t recommended for those with limited field experience, such as dispatchers, sales staff or brand new operators.
There are no pre-requisites for attending, other than a state- or provincially-issued driver’s license.

“Great way to sharpen your skills and learn new ways to accomplish big or small jobs. Great instructors who are always there for questions days, weeks and even years after certifying.”

– Jason Brown, St Johns Auto Body



Duration: 2 days

Time: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day

Price: $495.00 USD


Learn how to:

» Stay safe on scene
» Prevent property damage claims
» Calculate your towing capacity
» Apply towing standards
» Use proper terminology
» Perform basic winching (including the Cruse Loop
» Apply your new knowledge of resistance to real-life problems
» Earn customer confidence

All attendees receive a Level 2/3 training package with workbook.
If you score 75% or higher on your Level 2/3 exam, you’ll be considered a certified Level 2/3 WreckMaster. You’ll receive a Level 2/3 WreckMaster ID number and Level 2/3 WreckMaster photo ID card. Your certification is good for 3 years, and you can take any Level 2/3 course for free to refresh your skills during that 3-year period.

“I’ve been towing for years and thought I knew everything till I went to this class. A++++”

– Dave Basala, Tech Transport


Course Outline:
Towing Level 2 Class Outline
Recovery Level 3 Class Outline