Level 4/5: Advanced Techniques


WreckMaster’s Level 4/5 Advanced Techniques course gives tow truck operators the skills to manage complex and potentially dangerous situations with confidence—no more embarrassing near misses and failed attempts.

The Level 4 Towing curriculum teaches special applications for towing technology, sophisticated hook-ups, tips to manage difficult customer and work relationships, and important precautions for front, rear and trailer towing.

The Level 5 Recovery component will give you a full understanding of resistance so you can successfully recover vehicles from soft, sloped surfaces. You’ll learn how to calculate exactly how much your truck can winch before it starts to be pulled towards the casualty, and how much it can lift before you start to see daylight under your front tires. By the end of the two-day course, you’ll be uprighting tractor trailers.


“I have confidence I didn’t have, and each job since my 2/3/4/5 is an engineering problem I get excited about solving. I know what I don’t know and have a new hunger to learn more. Thank you WreckMaster.”

– Danny Ferguson, Toms & Merritt Towing


If you’ve taken the WreckMaster Level 2/3 Foundations course and you want to be able to tow and recover in even more complicated and potentially dangerous scenarios, the Level 4/5 Advanced Techniques course is for you.


It’s an especially good fit for company owners, trainers and organizations that work with or train fire and rescue personnel.

We find that having at least 1 to 3 years of experience in the towing and recovery field makes the hands-on and in-class Level 4/5 curriculum more meaningful because you’ll be able to relate real-world, personal experiences to what you’re learning.


“I learned a lot about what I didn’t know, or was doing wrong. Worth every penny.”

– Kevin Markic, Toms & Merritt Towing



Duration: 2 days

Time: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day

Price: $495.00 USD


Learn how to:

» Stay safe on scene
» Use advanced towing hook-ups
» Calculate your truck’s lifting capacity
» Rig for a vertical lift
» Anchor your tow truck or carrier
» Tow and recover heavier weight classes
» Upright cars in complex scenarios
» Upright tractor-trailers using single lane parallel methods
» Work effectively on scene with a recovery team
» Improve employee relations and keep customers happy

All attendees receive a Level 4/5 training package with workbook.

If you score 75% or higher on your Level 4/5 exam, you’ll be considered a certified Level 4/5 WreckMaster. You will receive a Level 4/5 WreckMaster ID number and Level 4/5 WreckMaster photo ID card. Your certification is good for 3 years, and you can take any Level 2/3 or 4/5 course for free to refresh your skills during that 3-year period.


“Knowledge is power. I can’t believe it took me 14 years of driving a tow truck to become a true operator. So much info and a great time. 2/3 one week then two weeks later my 4/5. Great instructors that help you every step of the way.”

– Kurt Whitman, Baker Towing and Recovery


Course Outline:
Towing Level 4 Class Outline
Recovery Level 5 Class Outline