LEVEL 8/9:


Expert level hands-on training for towing and recovery focused the most difficult towing operations.


WreckMaster’s Level 8/9 Living the Disciplinecourse is a five-day, intensive program reserved for those who want to be considered the best in our industry.


The program pushes the limits of both people and equipment, taking participants from having a specialized toolbox of skills to embodying a way of life.

Through demanding in-class and hands-on exploration of the toughest, most dangerous and unusual situations, participants practice their advanced math, sharpen their critical thinking, and enhance their leadership. As a team with their instructors, they refine best practices and advance the industry. At the end of the five days, they are more successful professionals, better people and part of an elite brotherhood for life.


“By utilizing the WreckMaster discipline I am proud to say that I am a much more successful person—both professionally and personally.”

– Timothy Peck, Jim’s Towing, Level 8/9 WreckMaster


Do you consider towing and recovery a way of life rather than a career? Are you constantly searching for the best, fastest and safest ways to work? Have you invented new ways to reduce risk and increase efficiency? Are you the person that gets called to the toughest situations? Do you want to be part of an elite brotherhood?

If you’ve taken WreckMaster’s Level 6/7 Heavy Duty Applications course and are hungry for more, Level 8/9 Living the Discipline is for you.

It’s a good fit for mature, experienced, dedicated and curious towing and recovery professionals who enjoy pushing their limits. Owners, operators, trainers, heavy incident managers and those who would like to become WreckMaster instructors themselves can all benefit.

“The discipline becomes part of you. Doing this made me grow from an operator to a mentor and helped to grow the business. The instructors make you want to better yourself, and the WreckMaster brotherhood always has your back.”

– Carmine Iapaluccio, Connecticut Towing Equipment


Duration: 3 days

Time: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day

Price: $895.00 USD

*At times a rotator course is added to the class for $2,995 (incl. all meals and accommodation)

Learn how to:

» Stay safe on scene
» Turn your truck’s boom and wire into a bridle
» Use load angle multiplication to clothesline
» Stay within your ratings at all times
» Manage complex and dangerous incidents safely and efficiently
» Use a rotator safely and effectively
» Deck and undeck a trailer
» End roll a loaded tanker
» Front, rear and side winch trucks and tractor-trailers
» Perform a single lane parallel upright of a tractor with two trailers

All attendees receive a Level 8/9 training package with workbook.

If you score 75% or higher on your Level 8/9 exam, you will be considered a certified Level 8/9 WreckMaster for life. You’ll receive a Level 8/9 WreckMaster ID number and Level 8/9 WreckMaster photo ID card. As a member of this elite brotherhood, your certification never expires and you can take any WreckMaster course to refresh your skills, for free and for life.

“WreckMaster is the ‘college’ for the towing and recovery industry.”

– Tom Gary, Southwest Towing & Recovery


Course Outline:

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