Introductory hands-on training for towing and recovery focused on light and medium-duty operations.


WreckMaster’s 8-day all-inclusive training course will be the most valuable experience of your towing and recovery career.


At the end of the week, you’ll have covered material from the Level 2/3: Fundamentals, Level 4/5: Advanced Techniques and Level 6/7: Heavy Duty Applications courses.

Not only will you be exposed to the most advanced towing and recovery techniques taught by our team of lead instructors, but you’ll be spending a week with other recovery professionals from across the USA and Canada and even around the world, who will share their experiences and skills each day.

The week-long program is offered at the WreckMaster training facility in Buffalo, NY, and includes all meals, lodging, tuition and training materials.

There are no prerequisites required to attend the weeklong course.

“Great class. Anyone that gets in a tow truck needs to take the week-long.”

– Patrick Polcyn, Rendels Inc.


This 8-day, all-inclusive Level 2/3, 4/5 and 6/7 course is an excellent fit for:

» Operators looking to take their towing and recovery training to the next level
» Incident managers who require the latest in towing and recovery skills
» Individuals who would like to learn more technical skills in towing and recovery
» Companies that work with or train fire and rescue personnel
» Operators who want to know how to break down a recovery scenario like towing and recovery engineers

Any operator with any level of skill or experience level can attend this class, although we find operators with 3 to 5 years experience in towing and recovery benefit the most because they can relate past experiences to the training modules. If you haven’t previously attended a WreckMaster course, you need to attend the full 8-day course.

“I’ve been driving a light duty wrecker for 5 years and it was worth every penny. I went there thinking ‘what are they going to teach me?’ Was I ever wrong. I learned so much. It made me a way better operator then I ever thought I could be. Thanks WreckMaster.”

– Jean-Paul Pigeau, Northern Industrial Services Group


Duration: 8 days

Time: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day

Price: $3,899.00 USD per student 

Learn how to:

» Stay safe on scene
» Prevent property damage claims
» Calculate your towing capacity
» Apply towing standards
» Use proper terminology
» Perform basic winching (including the Cruse Loop)
» Apply your new knowledge of resistance to real-life problems
» Earn customer confidence
» Use advanced towing hook-ups
» Calculate your truck’s lifting capacity
» Rig for a vertical lift
» Anchor your tow truck or carrier
» Tow and recover heavier weight classes
» Upright cars in complex scenarios
» Upright tractor-trailers using single lane parallel methods
» Work effectively on scene with a recovery team
» Improve employee relations and keep customers happy
» Calculate your truck’s lifting capacity using advanced techniques
» Use running and fixed snatch blocks in innovative ways
» Determine total block loading using line angle factor multipliers
» Apply the Golden Rule of Winching
» Winch a loaded tractor trailer from a deep ditch
» Mid-air roll a car
» Top-roll a cement truck
» Recognize what equipment ratings really mean
» How to use low pressure air cushions
» Use high pressure air bags
» Operate and maintain blowers
» Operate and maintain a valve bank
» Apply your new knowledge of resistance to real-life problems
» Execute primary and secondary bag placement

The week-long program includes accommodation, meals, transportation after arrival and all training materials.

After successfully completing the course, you’ll be considered a Level 6/7A certified WreckMaster. You’ll receive a Level 6/7A WreckMaster ID number, photo ID card and shoulder crest. Your certification is good for 3 years.

“The best training for the industry. Thank you guys for all the help. Cya in the ditch.”

– Scott Fisher, Taylor’s Auto Body

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