Course Description

The current program involves uprighting loaded units with the assistance of air cushions. This class will teach you about the difference between air bags and air cushions. In today’s market the use of air cushions is an important part of quick highway clearance; this course will provide you with the necessary knowledge to perform the job efficiently and safely.
In this two day training course you will upright a loaded van body trailer and a loaded tanker. The fundamentals between each upright are similar but understanding how the style of trailer reacts with the use of cushions is very important.

Our instructors will show you proper handling and installation of the cushions as well as all of the equipment needed to perform a successful air cushion recovery. At the end of this class you will have a clear understanding of both the techniques and equipment needed when using air cushions to upright loaded trailers.

Thanks to our working relationship with MatJack we have been provided with a training set of air cushions including high pressure, low pressure and starter bags.

Who Should Attend

  • Operators looking to take their towing and recovery training to the next level.
  • Individuals who deal with loaded units and are looking to understand the dynamics of air cushion recovery.
  • Company’s that want to improve their skills in quick highway clearance, load shifts and uprighting loaded vehicles.
  • Company’s who work with or train with Fire and Rescue personnel.


There are no pre-requisites for this class other than a state or provincially issued drivers licence and any operator with any skill level or experience level can attend this class.
Because we build onto the knowledge taught in the WreckMaster program, it is beneficial for students to have previously attended a WreckMaster training course (minimum Level 2/3) but is not required.

Additional Items Provided and Designation

  • Training package with training work book and WreckMaster pen.
  • DVD Training Video.
  • Level AC WreckMaster Certification.
  • Upon successful completion of the WreckMaster Certification students will receive a Level AC WreckMaster Certification, WreckMaster ID number, WreckMaster shoulder crest and WreckMaster photo certification ID card.

More Details

Duration: 2 day training course

Price: $495.00

Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm each training day
We ask that you arrive no later than 7:45 am on each day of training.

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