Michael Severson

Michael Severson

Lead Instructor

WreckMaster since: 2003

WM ID: 030160


Michael Severson began in the towing industry in 2002 after serving in the military, working as an operator and building customized wreckers. He is now the lead driver for a large towing service performing light and heavy-duty service as well as difficult terrain and under water recoveries. Michael is also a licensed pilot.

Michael was sent to his first WreckMaster training by his employer – a WreckMaster instructor – in 2002, getting his certification in 2003. He began as a Field Instructor in 2003, becoming more and more active with WreckMaster over the next few years before becoming a Lead Instructor in 2009. Michael was named a WreckMaster Top Ten in 2005 and received Donnie Cruse Memorial Award in 2007 for light-duty recovery.

As an instructor, Michael strives to teach towers in the industry to think on their feet and be safer for themselves and the general public. He believes that if even one student in his class feels safer and more efficient, he has made an impact.

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